Monday, October 06, 2008

Little things...

Being that I was apparently incredibly inactive for a good two months during the summer, combined with copious amounts of Canadian food and beer, Anne's Belly grew a fair amount. Not a huge deal since my clothing still fits, albeit a little snugly. And it gives good impetus to get back into the gym or whatever. What isn't delightful is when the combination of added flesh and lost muscle tone results in a sore left foot, which leads to a sore left back. My left side has always been a bit wonky, but through all my hard work at various physical activities had the situation in check. Until one lazy summer!!! ARGHHH!

But, I've gotten over weird aches and bodily anomalies before - I shall succeed again! And already this term I've been making good in the gym. Today I had a personal victory in that I ran for twenty whole minutes in under thirty minutes!!! What that means is I had a few minutes warm up, followed by 6, 10 and 4 minute running spurts with a few minutes rest between. All you athletic people might scoff at this, but you should know that I am not a fast moving land creature. Since a very young age I have hated running as I've never been fast and always gotten easily winded. Running was my nemesis for years and years. Well everyone needs a new challenge once in a while and running has been mine. What I did today was in fact an extraordinary accomplishment - I may get up to twenty or even thirty minutes of unbroken running one of these days!!

That being said I do also need to get back in the pool as it really is the overall best exercise for my weirdy back. If only the damn weather here would properly cool down (it was still around 25 today with ample humidity) maybe the pool would actually thin out a bit during free swim hours and I could feel a little less annoyed and well, swamped, when I want to go for a swim...


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